Massage and Body Treatments

Massage is an ancient healing art used for centuries throughout the world for its various therapeutic benefits. Massage therapy is a natural way to improve your health and well being. Massage helps improve physical, emotional and mental health.

Swedish Massage
Using gentle and subtle massage techniques for pure relaxation for stress and pain relief.
70 minutes - $85
100 minutes - $120

Deep Tissue Massage
Used to release chronic muscular tension, deep tissue massage is applied with greater pressure. It generally focuses on the body's deeper structures of the muscles and connective tissue.
70 minutes - $95
100 minutes - $130

Combination Massage
Combines the elements of Swedish Massage with deeper work concentrating on troubled areas
70 minutes - $90

Purifying Balsat Lava Stone Massage
Uses smooth hot and cool balsat lava stones to soothe and relax the body. This sensational session will reduce pain, stimulate energy and inspire feelings of well being.
70 minutes - $115
100 minutes - $155

Aromatherapy Massage
Essential oils from plants, flowers and herbs induce relaxation and harmony by absorption through the skin and stimulation of the senses.
70 minutes - $90

Reflexology Foot Massage
A pleasing massage in which pressure is applied to the feet in order to promote relaxation and healing.
35 minutes - $65

Botanical Body Mud Wrap
This rejuvenating treatment begins with with a full body exfoliation, followed by application of the botanical mud body wrap which combines the best of ingredients to promote detoxification and boost metabolism, leaving your skin silky smooth and hydrated.
70 minutes - $130

Salt Glow Body Polish
This is the ultimate treatment to awaken your skin. The exfoliating benefits of salt combined with the mineral base leaves skin feeling polished and smooth.
45 minutes - $65

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